Pro Tips to Remember Before Sending Your Loan Application

One of the best ways to gain money quickly is to send an online loan application. Instead of going to the office of the lender, you just need to fill up a form and click submit. Afterwards, the waiting game begins. Once you’ve sent your application, there’s approximately 40-55% chance that you’ll be denied. But don’t worry – you can always apply some expert loan borrowing tips to raise your chances of being pre-approved.


Seek the Top Five Lenders


Currently, thousands of online lenders are competing for the attention of clients. With this number of lenders, how can you find a reliable one? It’s simple, actually. Just come up with a Top Three list of the licensed money lender singapore within your area or results you can get from Google. A Top Three list is better because it’s filtered effectively according to the qualities that you want. Client reviews can also help you in finding these best lenders.


Repayment Term and Interest Must Be Balanced


As a rule of thumb, you should avoid lenders with outrageous interest rates and other fees. However, you shouldn’t ignore the repayment terms as well. If terms are stretched out for a long time, you’ll end up paying for more than your expectations. Some lenders will reason out that longer terms will make it easy for you to repay the full loan. Don’t believe this. As much as possible, you should repay the loan and get out of it quickly.


Get the Right Documents


Most online lenders will require different government documents to validate your identity. Aside from that, they also need proofs of your income and employment. While applying, make sure that you have the right documents ready. Lenders will typically indicate the files they need, and you just need to adhere.


Plan Ahead and Prepare


If you’re planning to apply for a loan, you should prepare ahead of time. Your preparation should include loan management habits, constant budget checks, income-generating ideas, and other possible financial adjustments. Many borrowers who failed to prepare ahead of time ended up missing loan payments. Thus, they shelled out money for penalty and uncontrolled interest. It takes less than an hour to create a loan management and repayment plan. Once you have a plan ready, you should do everything to stick to it.


Whenever your application is denied, don’t lose hope. With hundreds of personal loan lenders in the Web today, you won’t run out of choices. Keep searching for the best lender that will give you an exceptional personal loan!


Personal Loans vs Payday Loans – A Comparison Spectrum

When it comes to lending, many people believe that personal loans and payday loans have a great difference. This is partly correct. However, the extent of the similarities and difference are not yet fully explored. You may need to research thoroughly in order to get the useful information about payday loans and personal loans.


To properly understand these types of loans, it’s important to analyze them based on various factors.


Lending Reputation


When it comes to reputation, the regular personal loan is more acceptable than payday loans (or other unsecured loans). Experts recommend personal loans because of a combination of different factors. Around the world, numerous blogs and websites are discussing the nature of personal loans.


Payday loans, on the other hand, reside on the darker (or grayer) part of the spectrum. Some experts think that payday loans will cause people to sink quickly in the trappings of debt. Others believe that proper loan management can get you out of the cycle of payday loans.


Interest Rate Scaling


Personal loans have manageable interest rates per month, and these rarely change. While not all personal loan lenders agree to a common ground, their rates are justifiable and can match the lifestyle of the average employee or freelancer.


Payday loans are notorious for outrageous interest rates. If you’re not too careful around payday loans, you’ll end up paying more than 200% of the principal. Most payday lenders also collect weekly interest and they may resort to unscrupulous methods to get what is owed.


Credit Investigation


Since personal loans are offered by banks and sanctioned organizations, there’s a credit check system that must be followed. In this process, the lender will review your credit status, income report, and personal profile. From there, your application can be approved or declined. Because of this credit check process, application may take longer. Some borrowers waited for a day before their funds are released. It’s estimated that up to 60% of global borrowers are denied every day.


For payday loans, the credit investigation process is almost nonexistent. Once you visited a payday loan sg lending site, you just need to input the necessary information and you’re good to go. The application can be finished within 30 minutes or an hour, depending on the lender.


Payment Collections


Personal loan lenders, typically, do not issue collaterals. To collect the money owed, they rely on collection agencies and other representatives. If payment is not collected, personal loan lenders may pursue the necessary court action.


The same can be said for payday lenders. They have persistent collection agents that can bug you day and night if you missed a payment. So, make sure you don’t miss a payment period.




If you’re going to observe it well, there’s only a fragile line that separates personal loans and payday loans. The loan terms can be used interchangeably, yet they still serve the same purpose. Just remember this: as long as you can repay the loan, the difference will rarely matter at all. The nature of the lender will matter more because it can change lending policies within a snap.

How To Use Your Personal Loan as Hedge Against Inflation

Death and taxes are some of the things that won’t change in the world. There’s another thing that most people forget about: inflation. This is a stealthy problem that’s actually pinning down people and forcing them to make wrong financial decisions. Every year, inflation grows by a large percentage – to the point that saving is no longer viable. Fortunately, there are tons of strategies that you can apply to mitigate the damage of inflation. Personal loan management is one of these strategies, but you have to be careful in using it.


How can a personal loan marginally save you from inflation? Check these important points:


Use Personal Loan as Capital


Excellent borrowers know that personal loans can be used as capital for ideas. This could be a business, an income project, a micro-investment, a movement, or the sole initiative of learning new skills. If you use a personal instant cash loan for any of these purposes, you can stay few steps ahead  of inflation. While there’s no guarantee that your idea can be the next big thing, there’s always  a fighting chance. So, burn the midnight oil and work on your idea. Use the loan as a working budget, then do everything to refine your idea and bring it out to the world.


Buy Assets for Residual Profits


One of the best ways to maximize the advantages of the best personal loan singapore is to secure multiple assets. Thanks to the Internet, you can purchase assets easily. Some of the profitable assets that you can buy are Bitcoin, cash cow sites, videos, eBay lists, collectibles, commodities & ETFs, online bonds, and digital connections or partnerships. Before going all-in with one asset, you must do your research. Some assets may be time-dependent, so you need to understand cycles and trends.


Raise Your Purchasing Power But Spend Wisely


Inflation will always win because it shrinks down your purchasing power. There is no general formula to remove inflation, but you can always buy time. Once you’ve applied for a personal loan, you now have an increased purchasing power. Use this advantage properly! You must  solve any financial dilemma or invest in something valuable. At least, before the first repayment term is up, you’ve finally managed to use the loan for something that can put you in a better financial stance. Do this continuously and try to save a portion of your earnings. Sooner or later, you’ll have enough financial stash and inflation won’t be able to bring you down.


Now that you’re aware of a personal loan’s potential, you can apply for one. But you need to have a plan before everything else. Figure out how you’re going to repay the monthly dues and what’s your resolution if ever you missed a payment. Don’t break the lender’s trust so you can re-apply for more loans someday.

How to Repay Your Loan if Your Salary is Low?

Having a low salary is not a problem if you’re not paying for debts. Unfortunately, almost everyone has debts to begin with. One of the problems of many borrowers is inaction. In the face of loans and due dates, borrowers crumble; they look for excuses not to repay their loans – which leads to higher interest and penalty fees. This can bring misery to your life, and you may end up trapped.


If you want to repay your loans even if your salary is low, you can take note of these strategies:


Get a Side Hustle


Thanks to the Internet, it’s now easy to get a side hustle. Even though the market may appear competitive, there’s always a big chance to find your niche market. Before you do side hustling, you must focus on pinning down your niche. Without doing so, your hustle will be spread thin and you’d have a hard time making profits. Some of the hustle ideas that you can try are freelance gigs, selling, partnerships, sponsorships, and blogging. If your side hustle is successful, you can repay your loan in few months.


Be Strict with Your Budget


Budgeting is a skill – contrary to what others might think. It’s not easy to make a budget, let alone stick to it. Before you follow the budget, make sure that it’s realistic. Don’t constrict the budget too much, but don’t be lenient as well. Inform your family about the budget so that everyone is on the same page.


Cut Down Fancy Expenses


Take a look at your expenses. Do you have fancy choices that are leaving massive holes in your budget plan? If yes, then you’d really have a difficult time repaying the loan. Cut down the fancy stuff, and focus on the essentials. This will benefit you in the long run.


Renegotiate Some Terms


If a lender is forcing a high interest, then you can possibly renegotiate. Not all lenders are open for this tactic, but you still have a chance. In small towns and municipalities, some lenders are lenient and they’ll give you a time off. Just follow the terms that are newly agreed upon.


Repayment is your responsibility as a borrower. If you cannot repay the loan properly, the lender will begin to doubt you. In these times, lenders are aces that will help you get out of financial muck. Also, you must be few steps ahead of your loan. Don’t apply for any loan unless you really need it. Spend your own pocket money, and not the loan itself!

How To Repay a Compromising Personal Loan?

Personal loans are temporary financial solutions available for all. They are like guiding lights that can help you whenever you fell in the murky swamp of debt. However, what if the personal loan you applied for turned out to be your worst nightmare? Every month or week, the interest doubles. Collection agents are calling you day and night to get what you owe. That’s very stressful, right? Fortunately, you can always get out of such situation.


If you’re under a personal loan that’s going out of control, you need to apply some helpful tricks. Keep in mind that the tricks mentioned in this article should be applied with utmost caution.


Create a Detailed Financial Plan


One of the main reasons why borrowers fail to repay their loans is the lack of financial plan. They tread on after getting the loan, eventually sidetracked by the hubbubs of life. Once the loan matures, it will blow on their face – complete with penalty fees and high interests. Laying out a financial plan should only take 30 minutes or an hour, at least. You just need to pinpoint your sources of income, monthly expenses, challenges, and the status of your loan. Keep your financial plan in an organizer that you can carry all the time.


Double or Triple Your Monthly Income


Instead of sulking in the corner of your home, you should take proactive steps to double or triple your monthly income. With the help of the Internet, you can raise your income levels strategically. Simply visit online job platforms and look for active gigs. Just be patient – competition in the freelancing scene is tough. Once you successfully raise your income level, you’ll find it easy to repay your outstanding loan.


Always Negotiate (If Possible)


Even though lenders are strict with their businesses, you can always renegotiate. Not all lenders do this, so pick the ones who are genuinely concerned about their clients. During the renegotiation, be honest about what you’re going through. If successful, the lender may scale down your monthly interest.


Ask for Help Within Reason


When all else fail, you should ask help from your friends and relatives. You should do this reasonably and indicate the reason why you failed to repay your loan. Don’t use your friends as crutches or you’ll have a difficult time asking for help again! If someone helped you, don’t forget about your responsibility.